Big Brother 8 : Is The Honeymoon Over?

June 18, 2007 by  
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After the initial controversy from the early days of Big Brother 8 the house seemed to be fairly calm, despite fiery Charley’s attempts to cause fights, arguments and general mayhem. The introduction of Liam, Jonathan, Brian and Billi on Friday seemed to give the house a new lift, but the groups are becoming ever more seperated, and there have been a number of fierce arguments over the last couple of days.

Big Brother 8Laura was the victim of a sustained attack from Charley over the weekend, accusing her of stealing her hair straightners.  The lady from Wales did very well to hold her cool, never once rising to the bait from the argumentative Charley.  Finally realising that Laura had won the day, Charley accused the whole house of being a “load of weirdoes”.

The four new entrants have settled down well, although Ziggy seems to be struggling with the lack of attention after being the only male in the house for a week.  His “relationship” with Chanelle seems to be crumbling with Chanelle losing interest and seemingly looking to “cool things”.  It seems to be the food orders which are causing most grief in the house with arguments over who ordered what, and the mystery of the “missing bananas”.  Food rations are minimal at the best of times, and this lack of food is starting to cause friction.

There has been much speculation that Big Brother 8 may be the last in the UK series, however each new series brings its own unique features to the show.  The human mind can play tricks, especially when confined in a house with people you have never met – often leading to a lethal cocktail of fun, games and upset, and compulsive viewing.

While initially written off by many after entering the house, Tracey is emerging as a firm favourite – perhaps a little mad, but in an amusing way.  The apparently fiery political activist Carole has also attracted an army of followers and she seems to be getting along very well with new house mate Jonathan.  The current favourite to win is Liam, but Big Brother 8 still has many more twists and turns to come!

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