Eastenders : The Love Triangle Comes To An End

June 19, 2007 by  
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While the Dawn , Rob and May love triangle has been on going for some time it came to a dramatic climax tonight with Dawn finally making it home from her kidnap horror.  After being tied up by Rob and May, she finally escaped before the mad doctor was able to induce her baby.

EastendersAfter returning to Walford, Dawn fell into the arms of her old friend Gary, whom had been devastated to see her leave.  She told Gary about her living nightmare, then returned home to a barrage of questions from Keith and Mickey.  After finally breaking her silence she is confronted by Rob who has returned and broken into the kitchen, insisting he did not know what was happening and desperate to see Dawn was ok. 

After deciding against calling the police, Dawn suddenly ups sticks and makes for her mother’s home for a few days of rest, leaving Mickey, Keith and Gary to “have a chat with Rob”. 

Elsewhere the plot thickens with Ben and Stella as the two head off for a day practising football, with Stella intent on getting Ben ready for the football academy.  A great day suddenly turns sour when Ben accidentally hits Stella in the face with the football, with viewers left to wonder just how this unpredictable character will respond.

Over at the Queen Vic’ Peggy decides to dish out some revenge of her own to Yolande Trueman, who has been somewhat off with Peggy over the last few days.  Her barbed comments come back to haunt her in a hilarious scene with Peggy soaking Yolande with a powerful water gun.  While everyone looks around trying to find the culprit, it is only Pat who spots Peggy hanging out of the Queen Vic’ upstairs window.

The show ended with a desperate Dawn sitting on the London underground looking forward to a few days with her mother, when all of a sudden she goes into labour – surely she will not give birth on the underground!

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