Jonathan strong favourite for eviction from Big Brother house

June 20, 2007 by  
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The female domination of this year’s Big Brother house looks set to continue, with Jonathan Durden the favourite to be evicted in the next public vote.

The 49-year-old multi-millionaire, who made his money through the success of his media agency, is up against Carole and Seany, who also picked up five nominations for evictions from their fellow housemates.

However, it is Jonathan who is firm favourite with the bookmakers to get the boot, with the average odds for him to go currently standing at 4/11.

“How Charley escaped eviction this week we’ll never know, but Jonathan is now the firm favourite to get the axe this Friday,” said Sharon McHugh spokeswoman for the bookmakers Paddy Power.

“Late arrivals are rarely popular with viewers,” she added.

What makes this latest round of evictions even more significant is that it is the first time that all of the housemates have been allowed to vote for who they would like to see leave.

In previous weeks, only Ziggy, Gerry and twins Sam and Amanda have been awarded the right to nominate others for eviction.

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