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The amazing Hugh Laurie heads a cast of relatively unknown actors in this US based hospital drama, which is set in New Jersey.  Laurie plays “House”, the main anti-social, ignorant and down right rude leader of a group of doctors who take on a wide variety of illnesses and unknown conditions.

This really is edge of the seat addictive TV, and audience figures have been climbing steadily higher as the program continues to catch the public eye.  UK actor Laurie has been in the US for a couple of years now, leaving behind his young family and returning home when he can.  He was as surprised as anyone about the success of the series, which has also gone down very well in the States.

The last few weeks have seen ”House” pursued by a hard nosed detective who did not appreciate his forth right opinions when attending the hospital.  Noticing that ”House” was struggling with some kind of painful illness himself, the detective set about to ruin the doctor and prove he should not be practising.  After weeks of investigating the case finally ended up in court, although ”House” was cleared after his colleague lied on his behalf.

The program offers a great mix of medical drama, personal stories and a team spirit that has stayed strong throughout the many ups and downs of life in the hospital.  It is the unorthodox style of the medical treatment and the great plots which have made the series so popular.  It appears that Hugh Laurie may be spending a few more years in the States, although in real life he seems to be suffering from home sickness.

Tonight’s episode involved a young girl who was suffering from a mystery fever, and appeared not to be able to feel pain.  While there seems to be no reason for the condition, ”House” and the team begin a long drawn out process to find the answer.  Will they be able to save her?

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