Only Fools And Horses

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Whoever said good humour does not age must have been watching “Only Fools And Horses”, the BBC cult comedy show enjoying a string of repeats on UK Gold and UK Gold 2.  Written by John Sullivan, the show follows the Trotter family of Peckham and their hilarious adventures.  The shows main run ended over 10 years ago, although there have been Christmas specials since then, and if anything the popularity has grown even further!

Only Fools And HorsesThe characters of Del Boy (played by David Jason) and Rodney (played by Nicholas Lyndhurst) in particular have become household names, with terms such as “this time next year we will be millionaires” and “plonker” common place in many areas of the country.  Tonight’s episode sees the Trotter family in yet more financial trouble with Rodney pushed into a directorship of Trotters Independent Traders with Del Boy currently banned.  While Rodney thinks he is the boss, Del knows otherwise and continues as normal, wheeling and dealing in his own inimitable fashion.   

In its heyday this program could draw in audience figures approaching 25 million, something which many TV programs of today can only dream of.  Originally rejected as a writer, John Sullivan has created a national institution which has spawned a mass market in websites, memorabilia, fan clubs and DVDs.  The program’s attraction seems to revolve around the expert writing and an array of characters with which we can all relate to.

There are many scenes which have gone down in British folklore including the Batman and Robin scene, Rodney’s wedding and Granddad’s funeral to mention only a few.  Sullivan has a gift of injecting moments of humour into even the saddest scenes, allowing the viewer to experience the full range of emotions.

There are very few comedy shows which can last more than a decade, seeming to take on a life of their own.  “Only Fools And Horses” is up there at the top of the tree, and it will take something really special to knock it off!

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  1. I have the complete series 1 – 7 box set on dvd,well worth buying as there are bits you want to see again and again.