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CSI Miami is one of the long list of CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) based programs which have been taking the US and the UK by storm. 

Originally a spin off from the CSI : Crime Scene Investigation series, the fan base for this stable of programs has been growing for the last couple of years.  Set in some of the most beautiful scenery in the States,  CSI Miami contains a great mix of crimes stories, investigative techniques, and the internal wranglings of a busy forensic department.

CSI MiamiThe program has made stars of the likes of David Caruso, Khandi Alexander, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez and Jonathan Togo.  While there are dozens of crime shows hitting the UK from the States, CSI Miami seems to stand out due to the great attention to detail.  It is amazing to see how the CSI team can find even the smallest particle of evidence from a crime scene, and link to a suspect. 

Tonight’s show sees the team receive a random mobile phone call which leads to a frantic and desperate race against time to stop a kidnapping turning into homicide.  Using the latest techniques available in real life, and the latest technology, the CSI team pool their thoughts and ideas together in the hope of a positive outcome.

While the impact which TV can have on society has never been in doubt, there are reports that regular fans of the CSI shows who are called for jury service, have been demanding more evidence before deciding the outcome of serious criminal trials.  It seems that fact and fiction may be coming slightly blurred!

After watching CSI Miami, it seems that there is no such thing as the perfect crime in this day and age – even years later the smallest spec of blood, the tiniest slice of DNA can come back to haunt those who commit these crimes in real life.

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  1. Love miami much more that plain old CSI.. David Caruso gives the show the edge, his character is one of a kind.