Big Brother housemates punished for their ‘sins’

July 2, 2007 by  
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Big Brother’s Carole recently had no trouble passing judgment on the sins of her fellow housemates as part of this week’ shopping task.

With a luxury shopping spree at stake- much needed after they had to make do with minimal rations following their total failure in the sleep deprivation challenge- the show’s would-be matriarch was given the task of naming the housemate most guilty of each of the seven deadly sins- sloth, gluttony, greed, pride, lust, envy and wrath.

Despite last week’s comments from Carole that a complete lack of exercise had meant that Chanelle had put on weight since entering the house, she stated that Laura was the most slothful.

The remaining choices would hardly have come as any surprise to viewers with even the least bit of knowledge about the remaining housemates.

Liam was deemed to be the most lustful, Tracey the most greedy and argumentative Charley the most full of wrath.

In a twist, Amanda, being the most guilty of the sin of pride, has been forced to wear a hot-dog costume and abstain from looking in mirrors for the next two days, while gluttonous Ziggy was made to sit in a room surrounded by luxurious food and ordered not to touch any of it.

The housemates have all agreed that twin Amanda has the worst deal in the first post-Billi task.

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