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While Coronation Street has gone through many changes over the years, it still remains one of the most popular programs on TV – by far and away the most popular Soap on UK screens.  The storylines are both serious and fun, and the writers have a great skill for integrating funny storylines in between some of the more serious ones, such as Tracy Barrow’s recent high profile court case.

Coronation StreetTonight we saw Hayley struggling to keep herself motivated at the factory, with Liam on an extended break after the recent death of his brother.  The girls are taking Hayley for a fool, but even the mild mannered lady from the Cafe snaps in the end.  Luckily for Hayley, Carla decides to take over the reigns at the factory, introducing some new system which do not go down well with the staff.

Over at the Grimshaw household, Violet and Sean continue to discuss their hair brained scheme to impregnate Violet even though Sean is gay and has no interest in woman at all! Strike one, they try the old fashioned way but Sean backs out.  Strike two, they look at local clinics, but decide they could not stand the invasion of privacy,  Strike three, whatever next!

It seems that love is abound in the Grimshaw house with Eileen enjoying  a love in with her new man Pat, but it seems that there is more to Pat than meets the eye.  This storyline is set to unfold over the coming weeks, when all will be revealed!

It is surprising how the Coronation Street writers are able to keep so many storylines going at any one time, often cooling them off for a short period only to bring them back when other storylines close.  It is a skill which has seen the show cement it’s position at the peak of UK TV, with rumours abound that ITV are about to sign a £30 million sponsorship deal for the program.

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