Sharon Osbourne in monkey protest

July 4, 2007 by  
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“This man that I thought was such an honest, good man was a fake. So I got this stupid concrete monkey and did a s**t on it.”

You’ll probably find that this is not such a surprising statement when I tell you it came from Sharon Osbourne’s mouth…

Sharon, TV judge and wife of heavy metal rocker Ozzy Osbourne, was talking about her father, and the revelation that he was having an affair during her childhood, on More4’s Shrink Rap.

In a show where celebrities are put on a psychologist’s couch for a chance to open up to psychologist Dr Pamela Connolly, Sharon admitted that she often suffered at the hands of her violent father – although insisted that she didn’t mind.

“I was surrounded by violent people, violent talk, violent behaviour, so there was nothing unusual seeing my dad threatening someone, or brandishing a firearm. It seemed normal. I thought everybody was like this. It was part of our lives,” she explained in an article published in the Sun.

“My father really had a temper. He had a voice which would echo through the entire house. A couple of times he would whack me and he used to yank my hair.

“I wouldn’t say I was abused and beaten; in those days it was a normal thing.”

However, when she discovered he was having an affair, Sharon grabbed an ornament given to her father from her mistress and left a signal of just how she felt – proving once and for all that perhaps Ozzy isn’t the source of her terrible behaviour!

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