Are The Sharks Circling “Shark”?

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Shark is fast becoming one of the most unexpected hits in the UK, not to mention with the US audience.  While many may be disappointed to see “another US court drama”, Shark is something a little different, it has a different angle than the traditional US state versus prosecution programs.

SharkThe program centres around Sebastien Stark, a “thief turned policemen” i.e. a defence lawyer turned prosecutor, who has amazing court skills and an unerring eye for detail.  Many a time he has been seen to be losing a court case only to pull a rabbit out of the hat at the last minute.  We also see some great footage of what actually goes on behind the scenes, the plea bargains, the threats and the friction. Great to watch!

Tonight’s program sees Stark go out on a limb to help an old friend, only to become embroiled in the middle of a murder case.  There is also more bad news when he gets home to find that his daughter has been stopped for drink driving, and may be facing serious repercussions.  Life never has been easy for the single father of one, who is trying to mix his high flying court career with his family life (what is left of it!).

Starring the likes of James Woods, Jeri Ryan, Sam Page, Sophina Brown, Alexis Cruz and Sarah Carter, there are very few stars who the UK audience have seen before.   What makes Shark stand out from all of the other court room sagas? How about the acting, the scripts and the great attention to detail which makes you feel as though you are actually in the court room and behind the scenes.

Often criticised for bringing sub standard US programs to our screens, Channel 5 should receive praise for spotting this gem in the pile of would be US hits.  Who is next for the slammer?

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  1. anne says:

    I read [in a blog] Jeri has been relocated from the position of D.A. to being one of Sebastian’s team

    does anyone know if this is true?