Deal Or No Deal?

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In a surprise to many, Deal Or No Deal has taken the TV ratings by storm and given Channel 4 one of their best successes for some time.  Hosted by Noel Edmonds the show is one of the simplest ever shown on TV, no bells, no whistles, just straight forward game play, masses of audience participation and no idea what is going to happen next!

Deal or No Deal?The game itself is simple, 22 coloured boxes each containing an amount of money from 1p to £250,000.  The contestant in the “crazy chair” is asked to pick box numbers at random, working down to only 2 boxes in the end.  However, after each round the “Banker” will make an offer to buy the players box, depending upon how much money is left in the game.  Sound too simple to be interesting – you will be surprised!

While the boxes and the money are the main part of the game, the show is played in a great fashion with costumes, crazy hats, chanting from the audience and much more.  Every game is different as contestants aim to put their own individual slant on the show.  So far the jackpot of £250,000 has only been brought to the “table” twice by the contestant of the day, with one person going all the way to bank a cool £250,000 and the other selling early, living to regret the day.

This game has spawned a mass of websites and similar games on the internet, and has assisted in relaunching the career of Noel Edmonds who was once one of the biggest stars on the BBC.  He had actually offered Deal Or No Deal to the BBC, only to be rebuffed, before going on to Channel 4 – a move that the BBC will regret for years to come.

If you are looking for light hearted fun, with the opportunity to see contestants win up to £250,000 then check out the show (Sunday to Friday).

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