Cape Wrath – not all that it seems

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Cape Wrath - the Brogan family

Cape Wrath (known as Meadowlands in the USA) is the name of a new 4-episode drama series on Channel 4, with a British cast including David Morrissey and Melanie Hill. It is also the name of an isolated Cape in Northern Scotland and is a term used to describe a remote and forbidding landscape.

The programme starts with Danny Brogan (David Morrissey) and his wife and two teenage children being taken blindfold to a picturesque housing estate to “make a fresh start”. They are instantly greeted by the neighbours and told that Meadowlands is a safe place, but in wanting a shopping trip to the next town, come across some strange happenings.

The Brogans meet Brenda (Melanie Hill), who constantly brags about the beauty of her daughter Jezebel, who is on a high impact detox regime. They also come across Jack Donnelly (a scary highly-sexed handyman) who has an unsavoury interest in teenage Zoe Brogan. The local policeman decides to enforce his own form of punishment by organising for Donnelly to be roughed up on the football pitch. 

Danny Brogan and family are on a witness protection programme and find out that the all of the neighbours in Meadowlands are also under witness protection. The idyllic location is not all that it seems. 

Whilst trying to escape his past, Danny is convinced that someone that he knows has found him and that person (Mr Ormond) turns up to live in the community.  

Zoe and Jezebel become friends intent on finding out why Jack Donnelly is full of rage and what he has done to be in Meadowlands. He admits that he killed a woman when he was 14. Accompanying her mother to a dinner party hosted by the local doctor, Dr. York and his wife Abigail, she suspects that the hostess is rather close to Donnelly. Zoe is intent on saving Jack from himself, but her father has other ideas.

The first episode of the drama is promising, with various residents harbouring secrets.

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