Dallas : Do You Remember Who Shot JR Ewing?

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In a blast from the past UK Gold have brought back that favourite of the 1980s, Dallas, with a whole new audience showing interest in the blockbuster.  This show had the power to keep the whole UK audience in suspense and the current storyline – “Who shot JR?” – was one of their most successful.

DallasSet in the murky world of the US oil industry where competitors routinely set about destroying there rivals, JR Ewing was up there with the most ruthless around.  He had many run ins with his family and regularly tried to cheat them out of millions.  The show had a number of different characters including JR Ewing, Bobby Ewing, Sue Ellen, to name but a few.

The Ewing family were multi millionaires from their oil exploits, much of which was based up on some really “dodgy” dealing in years gone by.  Affairs, bribery, embezzlement and blackmail were just many of the every day events which were part of the Ewing clan.  A step down those famous mansion stairs, a quiet breakfast together and then it was off to business, and whatever came along that day.

The show itself made stars out of Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal, Linda Gray, Charlene Tilton and Jim Davis to name but a few, and enjoyed an extended run on both the UK and US television screens. 

There was much anger and frustration when the show was axed, but many believed that it had run its course.  Despite having been off screen for over a decade, the show is still instantly recognised by the UK public, many of whom grew up with the Ewing clan. 

While there are few US shows today which would make such an impact upon the UK viewers, Dallas is still held in high esteem by many.   Forums, websites and merchandise still help to keep the name and the show alive, and it looks as though UK Gold are on to a winner with these repeats.

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