Close encounters of the Beale kind

July 12, 2007 by  
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Superbitch Cindy Beale is set to make a comeback to Albert Square from beyond the grave, it has been revealed.

East end chip shop magnate Ian Beale’s former wife, who died giving birth to a daughter in jail, is to begin sending ghostly text messages and emails to her husband.

As if this wasn’t enough to send Ian round the bend, the daughter who survived childbirth is also set to turn up, unannounced to confront Mr Beale.

Speaking on TV’s Loose Women, Michelle Collins – who played Eastenders’ most famous bitch – said: “What’s really strange is that one of the girls in my [real] daughter’s class was up for the part of my daughter in EastEnders – and I was like, ‘Well, I haven’t got a daughter.’

“Then I suddenly remembered that I died in childbirth and my daughter survived, so that obviously is the daughter!”

Michelle admitted that she has no plans to return to the soap, but added that she would “never say never”…watch this space!

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