Ramsey ‘F Word’ show f’s up

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The producers of Gordon Ramsey’s TV show The F Word appear to have f’d up themselves, prompting an explanation from Channel 4.

In one episode of the hit food show, chef Gordon Ramsey is seen walking into the sea off a Devon coast in order to catch sea bass with a spear.

He then returns with several fish in his hand, giving the impression he had caught them all, although this was not the case.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Dave O’Callaghan, the professional spearfisher working with Gordon on the episode, said: “I caught about four and then Gordon got in and we spent about an hour in the water.

“When we came back in we threaded the fish onto a stringer and he carried them. Put it like this: Gordon Ramsay caught f all.”

A red-faced Channel 4 – which is becoming used to complaints due to accusations of failing to halt racism and homophobic remarks in Big Brother – admitted the scenes were less than accurate.

A Channel 4 spokeswoman said: “The production company Optomen has informed us that, after investigation, regrettably it appears that one part of the sea bass VT gave viewers an inaccurate impression about Gordon’s involvement.

“We are working with Optomen to ensure this does not happen again.”

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  1. Gordon says:

    Really though, who gives a f.

  2. Sylvia says:

    I have been watching Ramseys Kitchen Nitemares for a very long time, as well as Hells Kitchen. I must say that I LOVE HIS SHOWS !!! However i watched one where he went to help this Italian Restaurant, and the whole show was full of bleeps, I was quite disapointed, and it was hard to get into because you would miss listening to the entired dialogue., it really did take away from the show, I hope the bleeps dont become a trend. Gordon I truly love your fucking show just the way it is. heehee.,,your the best on TV.

    Honey (Canada)