Chantelle to star in new reality show

July 17, 2007 by  
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If you’ve ever wanted to see an MP try to learn your trade, or simply watch an ‘airhead celeb’ learn anything at all, then ITV1 may just have the show for you.

Don’t Call Me Stupid is a new celebrity-reality TV show beginning in the autumn which sees unlikely pairs of celebrities team up to teach each other a skill or hobby.

Famous already for impersonating a cat on Channel 4’s Celebrity Big Brother, fame-hungry MP George Galloway stars in the first episode which will see him attempt to learn to ride horses from Lady Victoria Harvey.

In return he will coach her on the history of the Labour movement, with no doubt hilarious consequences.

Perhaps one of the hardest jobs on the list though is MP Ed Vaizey’s, who has been charged with the task of teaching Chantelle the British political system!

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