Shipwrecked hotties want a date…with you!

July 18, 2007 by  
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If you missed your chance to star on Channel 4’s reality TV show for hotties, Shipwrecked, then you now have the chance to date a star.

Some consolation prize hey?

On July 24th the contestants from this year’s show will be auctioning themselves off in an attempt to raise money for the Samaritans.

Ben Lunt, Lianne Dauban, Sophia Wardman, Louis Rennocks and Naomi Millbank-Smith are all up for grabs in the celebrity auction, although they differ on their idea of a dream date.

“My dream date would be wakeboarding and surfing, anything but theatre! I like showing my sporty side to impress my dates,” Ben Lunt told the Sun.

Those of you hoping to make a lasting impression on Lianne however will need to dress (down!) to impress: “I love boys in skinny jeans, the edgy Razorlight look.

“Smooth operators need not apply!”

The dates are available on eBay and proceeds will go towards keeping the Samaritans’ phone line service up and running.

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