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Earl HickeyEarl Hickey was a bad man. He would do anything to get an extra dollar or make his day just a bit better. His morals were in the gutter until the day that he won the lottery. Using a stolen dollar he bought an instant ticket and won the top prize. He was so excited that he ran out into the street and was run over.

Earl had just heard about Karma and came to believe that all the bad karma he had brought upon people was now coming back to haunt him. He decides to use the lottery money to help all the people that he has wronged in his former life. He just wants to be a better person.

In his life are his simple but loveable brother, Randy; his former wife, the morally void trailer-trash Joy; Joy’s new man (actually not so new as Earl’s children are testament to) Crab-man, who is a good guy; and Catalina, the beautiful and intuitive Mexican maid at the motel where Earl and Randy live.

Earl has made a list to clear all his former bad ways and works his way through it but it is never as simple as he hopes. This week he tries to clear up his treatment of the trailer-park harridan, Millie. Millie made Earl and Joy’s life hell with a series of citations against them for everything that they did. They hatch a plan to get their own back but discover that Millie’s hearing aid picks up their walkie-talkie. Earl then acts as the voice of God to make Millie do things against her nature.

When Earl tracks Millie down, she is a Sister in a convent, looking after orphans and leading good life. Earl explains his situation and Millie realises that her calling was a con. She reverts to the harridan ways and the trailer-park as Earl sees that he made a mistake telling her the truth and has to undo the situation, eventually succeeding as Millie returns to the convent where she was happy.

My Name is Earl is a gentle, disarming comedy with charming characters and some fabulous story lines and comedy. One of the best new comedies of recent years and has the depth to be around for more series.

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  1. Celeb Gossip says:

    This is a great series. I hope it goes on for a few more season. Earl’s brother is the best !