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QI panelThis intellectual quiz show certainly lives up to its name with the enigmatic Stephen Fry as the host and fountain of all knowledge. Four contestants compete with each other and Alan “Jonathan Creek” Davies is a regular on the programme. He is joined by 3 others from the world of comedy and entertainment and favourites such as Jo Brand, Phil Jupitus, Rob Brydon, Arthur Smith and Clive Anderson have all appeared.

QI stands for “Quite Interesting” and is a comedy panel game to get you to think laterally and to dispel popular myths. The questions are linked to a letter of the alphabet for each series and for the latest series, it is the letter “D”. A series of questions are asked by the host with the hope that the contestants will fall into the elephant trap of giving the obvious and frequently incorrect answer. Each person is awarded points for the answers and can achieve minus points too. It is normally Alan Davies who speaks first and thinks later. He gets the flashing lights and sirens and finds out he has lost 10 points and made a fool of himself – yet again .

Contestants can also be given bonus points for making everyone aware of some obscure and unrelated fact (which may and frequently is fabricated).

Sample questions are:

“How many moons does the Earth have?”

The most popular answer would be “One”. This question was asked in an earlier series when the correct answer was “two”. However, there has been a recent discovery of 7 moons orbiting the earth.

“Where does ring-a-ring o’roses’ originate from ?”

It is thought to be about the plague in the 1660s with the roses being a word for lesions and “all fall down” meaning death. However, the popular nursery rhyme was not used until much later in 1790 about a little girl called Josie.

QI is a programme to entertain and enlighten, in equal measures.

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