Life on Mars

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Life on MarsSam Tyler (John Simm), a DCI from Hyde has a row with his girlfriend and is later knocked down by a car. He awakes to find himself in 1973, the time of flares, classic cars and old fashioned values and beliefs. Meanwhile in 2006, Sam is lying in a coma with his life hanging in the balance.

Back in 1973, Sam finds himself working for the Manchester and Salford CID, under the command of chauvinist and racist DCI Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) and his old fashioned policing methods. He thinks he is experiencing “Life on Mars”. He makes friends with PC Annie Cartwright and encourages her to become a detective – much to the mirth of Gene Hunt. Sam confesses to her that he is from the future and has to stop himself from revealing historical events (but he does say that there will be a woman Prime Minister one day).

Throughout the programme, Sam has communication with people back in 2006 as he is operated on. People speak to him on the telephone and on the television in his bed-sit. He tries to teach his new team some new policing methods but is facing a constant battle against 1970s attitudes.

Although Gene Hunt is a whisky drinking, womanising and racist guy, he is a good DCI, although he is known to use violent methods to retrieve information from criminals. His favourite food is “Spaghetti Hoops” and he drives a Cortina into the ground and is surprisingly likeable. He and Sam, although poles apart do have a respect for each other.

Life on Mars is an original series with reminders of The Sweeney. It has an interesting storyline, healthy doses of comedy, great cars, reminders of 1970s fashions and décor; classic music from David Bowie and T-Rex and shows us how far life has changed since the 1970s. It is no wonder the series has won awards such as a Bafta and an Emmy. Personally, I can not wait for the spin-off series, “Ashes to Ashes”.

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