Charley and Chanelle fall out yet again over pop trivia

July 24, 2007 by  
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Big Brother housemates Chanelle and Charley can never agree to disagree.

The pair’s rows are becoming one of the fixtures of this year’s series, with their fellow housemates already showing signs of exasperation, not least Chanelle’s on-off in-house boyfriend Ziggy.

Their latest row centred on the age of the pop singer Rihanna.

While Charley stated that she is either 19 or 20, the want-to-be footballer’s wife insisted that she is more likely 16 or 17.

“Let’s just leave it, shall we?” Chanelle said after the debate went back and forth a few times.

However, Charley couldn’t leave it, telling her rival: “You’re the most boringest person in the house,” adding: “there’s no excitement in you at all.”

Charley, to be quite honest I’m sick of conversations where everything gets turned around to what you think and it’s about you,” Chanelle replied before Ziggy stepped in to separate the pair.

However, the former male model focused his attention on his dog, Molly, who was brought into the house to help complete an obstacle course as part of a task.

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