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Phil and KirstieAmongst the wealth of programmes about buying properties and renovations, Location, Location, Location proves to find properties for people with a range of circumstances.  Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are both estate agents and make a winning team. Kirstie is keen on knocking down walls and replacing bathrooms and kitchens whilst Phil drives a hard bargain.  Usually the buyers have to make some compromise as they are not able to have the perfect house in the perfect location on a small budget. 

Kirstie and Phil helped two couples in Newcastle. One of  the couples –  Kerry and Michael are wanting to buy their own property for £150,000. Not only were they first time buyers, but also first time viewers. First off, Kirstie and Phil found a 2 bed-roomed ground floor flat for them in South Gosforth. It had a courtyard garden, was £15,000 under budget and in need of some cosmetic work. The next property was in Heaton, for £140,000 with no work required (thus no opportunity to add value). This was a test of their resolve as it was in a student area and against one of their requirements. It showed that you could get a good property, but in the wrong location. The pair were then showed two more houses – one in South Gosforth and another in West Jesmond. The couple fell in love with the latter and purchased it. 

The other couple – Kate and David already owned a large 5 bedroom property with a small garden, but had not yet put it on the market. They had a toddler and another baby on the way so were wanting a family-friendly home with a large garden. They were not really in a position to buy a property, as they would be in a chain, but did manage to find a 4 bedroomed cottage with land and way under budget. Time will tell if they get the house of their dreams.

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