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Elephant sealsProgrammes on animals and wildlife have always been popular and this is a spin-off of “Animal Park”, with the team visiting California and the West Coast of America. It is presented by Ben Fogle (of Castaway and Countryfile) and Kate Humble (Springwatch).

During tonight’s programme of Animal Park – Wild on the West Coast, we saw:

  • Scientists anaesthetising a giant male elephant seal in order to tag it for research. This was quite tricky as the seal was surrounded by a number of aggressive males who were making quite a lot of noise. Once the dart had been fired, the seal was kept under constant surveillance as it was possible for it to die by asphyxiation. The seal had a tag on its tail and an expensive satellite device placed on its head. It will be monitored for about a year and should give useful information about its lifestyle.
  • An orphaned bay sea-otter was introduced to a surrogate mother from the local zoo, with the aim of her being taught “how to be an otter”. The introduction went surprisingly well.
  • Ben Fogle assisted in introducing a sealion back into the ocean. The programme showed how to manouvre the animal using a set of boards and a cage. It was released together with another abandoned sealion and it was an emotional moment.
  • The catching of jelly fish and we learnt that they have no brain but a complex nervous system, stinging tentacles and mouth pieces. Ben was nervous of being stung as they tend to go for soft flesh (and he had smooth presenter’s hands!).
  • An island in the Pacific which is not just home to many varieties of seabird, but is the main stop off point for migratory birds as they travel around the globe. After it had been weighed, measured and tagged, Kate Humble released a sparrow back onto its flight path.

The programme is being aired during the weekdays and Friday’s episode will feature dolphins and the tagging of a blue whale.

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  1. I think the show is amazing on bbc2 at 6 o clock! I was wondering if you could send me some information on how I could help save some endangered species! Keep up the good work!

  2. Becca says:

    this show was absolutely amazing. It got me and my younger brother so interested that we are travelling to San Deigo next summer to see the marine sea life centre. Please bring this show back!!

  3. Daniel says:

    This show taught me so much about all the different creatures in the sea, especially the epsiode that travelled miles down into the dark depths of the canyon. please can you give more information out so we can help save endangered species!! keep up the good work!!!!!

  4. Sarah McManus says:

    those sea otters are so adorable!!!

  5. Becca says:

    I never thought that to get rid of the fears you have you embrace them. Watching TWO great white sharks attack an elephant seal was a tremendous site. now that i have seen people go down in a metal cage to swim with sharks i have had the oppourtunity to do it myself. i learnt that the sharks are just as curious as we are. watching this helped me learn more about the behaviour of sharks. Bring back the endangered!!!!!!!!!!

  6. admin says:

    If you are interested in helping to save endangered species, the WWF have a number of different campaigns that you can help with – see and

  7. holly says:

    This SUCKS

  8. holly says:

    still SUCKS