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Star Stories - Take ThatStar Stories is a series of spoof programmes based on celebrity life-styles. Each week the team show a celebrity story from the point of view of one of the main protagonists. This point of view is always unashamedly biased yet shows everybody up. There are also a number of other celebrities that are totally unrelated that turn up through some tenuous link.

In the first series we had Catherine Zeta-Jones, George Michael, Posh & Becks, Jennifer Aniston and Sadie Frost. The new series started with Take That shown from the perspective of Gary Barlow. As it claimed to be made by “Gary Barlow Productions” and immediately gave no credit to Robert Williams we could see which way it was going to go.

 Starting off with Gary in a working-men’s club playing to three old men in flat caps before he is picked up by Nigel Martin-Smith. Nigel finds him the little toothy Mark Owen who fails to sing properly. Jason Orange (pronounced “Oar raange”) is portrayed as an upper class fop who can’t sing, whilst Howard Donald is the hairy one whose voice is just a sea lion without any attempt to sound human. The group is decided until Robbie turns up as a Butlins’ impressionist whom Nigel rejects but Gary insists joins as the fifth member, immediately digging into Gary’s cakes.

After initial success, due to Gary’s brilliant song writing and singing, Robbie’s head gets too big. After insulting Lulu and getting too friendly with Oasis, Nigel sacks him, this time Gary will not back him up as he sees too much competition. Eventually he finishes the job and drops the rest of the band to go solo. Robbie has a hit but Gary’s is bigger thrusting Robbie into a depression and rehab with Paul Gascoigne, Russell Brand and Michael Barrymore. However, Robbie meets Guy Chambers and finds success, whilst Gary disappears.

 When Robbie sacks Guy and finds he can’t play piano but has to rely on Stephen “Tin-Tin” Duffy his fortunes fade whilst Gary reforms Take That from a skip. Of course he offers Robbie the chance to rejoin but he refuses and Take That become successful again. Numerous references to both singers’ weight occur culminating in a fight over a stray pork pie. In the end Gary wins, but he would, wouldn’t he?

Star Stories is the brain-child of the people behind ‘The Peep Show’ and you can spot the humour link. This is not as savage, nor funny, as the Matt Lucas and David Walliams show ‘Rock Profiles’ but it is more of a story and works well. Look forward to Tom-Kat, and Britney.

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  1. Excellent funny movie … I think Take That … Did just That! … it completely took the serious side of fame and made these singing stars more normal than the average guy in the streets just like anyone set-up in the same situation, it would look as if all the fame had gone to there heads I hope Gary and the lads especially Robbie get to see this funny spoof movie I really could see the likeness done by these excellent actors … move over Norman Wisdom … Robbie might be looking for a new career

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    I think you mean Kevin Bishop, legend!! He does tom cruise, alex ferguson, simon cowell etc, but es brillian