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Sanjeev BhaskarIndia with Sanheev Bhaskar” is one of a series of programmes to celebrate the fact that it is 60 years since India and Pakistan gained independence from the British Empire. For his series of 4 programmes, he was asked to do something different – so he talks of a programme where an Indian visits India. His first stop is Bombay (now known as Mumbai) where every taxi driver wants to be a film star or actor.

Sanjeev visits the set of the most popular soap opera in India and is offered a part on another programme by the star’s show.

Mumbai is the financial heart of India with lots of investments and developments. Sanjeev meets the manager of the Raymond clothing line, Gautam Singhania who is one of India’s richest men owning many cars and his own private helicopter. This showed that it was possible to make it big. The downside of developments in Mumbai is that shacks are being torn down and the poor are getting poorer.

On his second day in Mumbai, Sanjeev went to the outer suburbs and saw a prospering trade in the recycling business. Householders were paid for their old newspapers, plastics, clothing etc which they then sold on to recycling markets. In the afternoon , Sanjeev was asked to be a judge on a beauty pageant – Mrs India. Unlike more traditional pageants where contestants declare an interest in children, animals and world peace, the potential Mrs. Indias were question about their views on marital rape.

The programme also focussed on Sanjeev’s visit to Infosys, 15km from Bangalore. They employ around 6,500 on their bright and modern campus – like a hi-tech University – all pyramids and glass. The employees spoke of the fact that they were able to afford to have mortgages and buy a house (something their parents had not managed until retirement).

We were then taken to the coastal town of Cochin renowned for its spices particularly cardamom, pepper and cinnamon. This is an area of natural beauty and a popular destination for Indian holiday makers, in stark contrast to the built up cities. This is an interesting series giving an opportunity to view different sides of India.

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  1. Mr S R Soolia says:

    I do not think it was an interesting programme. Mr Bhaskar picks on one rich Mr Raymond to show India’s progress! Mrs India that was absolute rubbish asking question about maritial rape.

    I was proud to see Infosys’ campus and young people’s comment, that is progress, well done Infosys.

    Yes we saw the backwaters of Cochin/Kerala but we did not see anything about beautiful Cochin or otherwise.

    Mr Bhaskar’s article in Sunday Times was not impressive. Give up Mr Bhaskar stick to your boring Kumar at 42.

  2. Mr Leon Uddin says:

    Hi,the reason why i’ve left a message on this site, is because i couldn’t get hold of a e-mail for sanjeev, it’s not about “india with sanjeev bhaskar” but regarding about “Goodness Gracious Me” I was wondering if he and the team will do a “special”?

    I don’t know if this will reach him but I would be really gratefull if it did, Me and the family have watched all the episodes on sky,and we know the shows ended but we just want it back 1 last time!

    Oh and the guy that left the negative comments about Sanjeevs travel to india is *offensive language* and needs to stop hating and start appreciating!!!

    Look forward to hearing from you!!!

  3. Suki says:

    This seemed more of a promotional visit for himself than letting us all in on the brave new world of India. Married womens’ beauty pageants, millionaires, soap operas’, somehow this doesn’t look or sound like the India i know.

    The BBC have been promoting this series for the past god knows how long, and there we were waiting in anticipation of what was billed as a journey through India since partition. It seemed Sanjeev was not prepared to get his hands dirty – he seemed quite happy talking to the rich and privileged but ignored the massed hordes who face a daily struggle to survive under his nose. Why?

    The recent programmes about Bombay Railways were by far a more telling picture of India than Sanjeevs’s journey ever could be. I expected more, much more from a programme billed in the manner it was and presented by Sanjeev Bhaskar. But i suppose in the end the arty farty types such as Sanjeev Bhaskar are all the same. They recognise and are happier with their ‘own’ kind regardless of what country they are in. His own kind here were the rich, privileged and famous.

    India with Sanjeev Bhaskar, what a load of old shit

  4. rakesh bhatia says:

    I would like to thank Sanjeev Bhaskar for making this program and giving us an opportunity to look at his personal journey to track his roots.

    When Sanjeev was in his dads village and was calling his dad, I was in tears and I am so thankful to Sanjeev for making this program.



  5. sanjay says:

    What a pompous prick ! No idea about his rich heritage, instead a glorified self indulgance of a 2nd generation bounty bar, total wasted opportunity.What an asshole, great viewing for the gora.

  6. AP Singh says:

    Not getting any contact details for Sanjeev I finally had to send a message to him through this site. After going through his program I was wondering what was he trying to find from the old suburb places of India. From the entire beautiful city of India what was he trying to find in old streets of Paharganj. While so nice transports are available to go around why he chose to travel by truck.. He is totally a negative person. His vision towards India and transmitting it on air is not only misleading but also unacceptable.. Sanjeev and his team really need to improve their quality of thoughts and vision..

  7. Babita says:

    i have watched two of the episodes so far, and found them both very interesting and entertaining. I disagree with the negative comments about his unfair portrayal of India – I think people need to stop analysing what wasn’t portrayed and appreciate what was, which was a glimpse of some areas of Indian life, which are a bit off the beaten track. I think Sanjeev B is hillarious and charming…and if that Meera S hadn’t got in there first I would definitely try and get hold of him!!

  8. Subhash Ganatra says:

    I also found Sanjeev’s portrayal of India uninteresting – there were couple of laughs which they didn’t come off and overall both episodes were rather boring.

    In the second episode, when he takes a break from his lorry ride and stops over at a restaurant, he had the audacity to laugh at the food on offer on the menu . Sanjeev shame on you! Unwittingly you became the butt of you own joke in Goodness Gracious Me in the episode when you go for an ‘English’. So there you were in India taking the mick out of ‘Lollipop Chicken’ which in fact is a rather enjoyable dish encompassing the influences of Chinese (Haka) style in Indian cooking. (You should go to the Blue Junction in Modern, South London and order this dish and I am sure you will like it).

    In contract Saira Khan’s Pakistan was far better presented. Credit to her.

    Subhash Ganatra

  9. says:


  10. Babita Sareen-Flora says:

    i think you are taking this far too seriously…he is a comedian after all. therefore he is not taking the mick or laughing at the indian way in a condesending way. i suppose he is just doing his job!

  11. Ricky says:

    The Programme was absolute Rubbish in contarast

    to Saira Khan’s Pakistan.

    Right said stick to Kumars’s at 42.

  12. nita says:

    Just want to say what a fantastic series….was really touched with the schooling in there anyway I can support them or help them in anyway?

  13. Rituparna says:

    A terrible series so far. Poor content, bad script – et all. Mr Bhaskar’s story of Southhall-bloke-looking-for-roots feels like an excuse for undermining and degrading an entire nation.

  14. thleeal says:

    hi its really bugging me which camera sanjeev uses. so if any of you know can you just drop us an email. my addy is



  15. Stephen Duff says:

    I have worked it that school. It gives scholarships to poor children to receive a great education and is run by an amazingly dedicated Irish nun called Sr Cyril Mooney. She has one one of India’s top prizes for her work.
    The website for the school is
    You can contact her at smcyril at for details on how to donate/ volunteer. Contact me if you have any questions.

  16. Babita Sareen-Flora says:

    i watched the last episode last night, and although I was trying really hard to enjoy it – to find something that would engage me – i was actually quite bored. I have been a fan of Mr B, but i found that he couldn’t use his humor to carry him through presenting. He clearly didn’t have the capacity and lacked the depth and skills required.

  17. Cevatt says:

    I saw this and was disappointed with Mr. B. He was always giving a dodgy look to the camera and was often insulting to the Indian people he interviewed, even suggesting that he got an infection from drinking the camel milk, and other condescending conversations. Not impressed at all with his presenting style – everything had to be converted into a joke where Mr. B was the focus, rather than him having any empathy or insight into the affairs of the people he vas visiting/interviewing. Blah

  18. m kaye says:

    does anyone know what was the music playing at the end of Sanjeev’s program on India, on Monday 20th aug 2007? Many thanks.

  19. bluefox9er says:

    Take it easy on Sanjeev..India is an extremly emotionally country to be in, even more so for a siaplaced Indian and I thought Sanjeev did well. I agree that he should have looked more at the slum dwellers and their lives in Mumbai, but we cannot ignore the fact that Mumbai is a lgitimate, bona-fide ciorporate city with cosmopolitan citizens. i found the ‘ mumbai uncovered’ to be far more offensive…thos ebrits moving back to india just to make money..I wonder twhat they are giving BACK to india…typical western wankers…see an opportunity to squeeze somehting dry, they dont need to b easked twice.

  20. nitin says:

    i did contact the bbc about the india on tv idea way before the shilpa jade ho ha happened , as i ve always seen the bbc depicting India in a very bad and empovirished way,,,,,,, but then they rejected my idea then to do it themselves,,,
    what can i say this whole india thing is another peverted distorted attempt to prove how bad india is,, and somehow they never show the good places,, what even more annoying ,, is me being from Delhi,, having grown up in Delhi , Bombay and Goa,,,,,, was obviously not the right person to promote india and this bhaskar prick and that woodward guy were with thier terribaly bad accents and wrong researches,,, fuck BBC

  21. Councillor Shahbaz A Cheema says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to get in touch with Sanjeeve so to begin with I would like to have his e-mail contact and a contact number. Please would you be kind enough write to me with his contact details. I was very pleased when I saw him on the TV in my Village (Badoki Gausaaian). I am from the same village but now reside at London.
    I am a politician.
    I look forward to have his details asap.
    Cllr Dr Shahbaz A Cheema
    07719 800065