Chanelle walks out of BB after splitting with Ziggy

July 31, 2007 by  
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Big Brother’s Chanelle has followed through with her threats and walked out of the house, becoming the third house mate to do so this series.

The 19-year-old had complained to the show’s producers that she had become increasingly unhappy following her recent spilt with in-house boyfriend Ziggy.

While the pair had split up several times after hooking up just days into this year’s series, the male model finally called it a day for good on Sunday, claiming that being with Chanelle made him feel depressed and anxious.

Despite agreeing to sleep on her decision to leave, the Victoria Beckham look-a-like quietly packed her bags and left without saying good bye to her fellow house mates.

Just before she walked out for good, Chanelle told the show’s diary room: “I’m grateful to have been here for nine weeks but I’m missing my family and friends. I can’t live in the same house as Ziggy and he probably deserves to be here more than I do.

“Thank you for having me. I really appreciate that you’ve let me on to the programme.”

With this latest un-forced departure from the house, bookmakers are divided over who is going to win the show, with Ziggy and Gerry both equally fancied.

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