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HeroesHeroes, the popular NBC series aimed at 18-50 year olds is now in its third episode on BBC 2. It is the story of a set of ordinary people who develop comic-book type super powers.

In tonight’s episode we become aware of:

Peter, brother of a successful politician. He jumps off a high building and discovers that he can fly. His career-obsessed brother uses this to his own advantage in a press conference, claiming it was a suicide attempt. This causes a fight between the two of them.

Clare, a cheerleader who meets a nasty death after being raped by a boy that she is keen on. She awoke to find herself lying on a mortuary slab with her chest cut open and blood everywhere.

Hiro – who has a boring office job and believes he is destined for better things. He saves the life of a young girl from a truck, by stopping time and taking her from the truck’s path. He believes that he has seen the future and follows the storyline of a comic book which traces his every move.

Matt – a police officer with the ability to read people’s minds. Unfortunately this can be rather noisy as all of the thoughts come at once. He often hears thoughts which show of people’s unhappiness. It leads him to find a small girl locked in a wall, which in turn brings him to the attention of the FBI.

Niki- who is shown at the start of the episode burying a body and finds some ancient bones at the same site. She has her young son with her, whose father murdered the body she needed to dispose of. At the end she is stopped by the Police but it is to take her to meet someone.

Heroes is starting to tie up the various characters and bring them together, but to what end we don’t know yet. The destruction of New York by atomic bomb is portrayed in the comic book by illustrator Isaac and seems to be the point to which we are heading. The programme does move at a fairly slow pace but the complicated plot and super power potential may need this to set a base to grow upon.

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