Two to go in latest Big Brother cull

August 3, 2007 by  
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In yet another twist in this year’s Big Brother, two housemates face eviction from the house tonight instead of the usual one.

All four of the housemates stuck in the show’s ‘Halfway House’ are liable for eviction, though for the survivors there is the opportunity of redemption as they will be reinstated into the main house.

While being nominated for eviction is always bade news in the reality show, at least the news has alleviated the boredom of those in Halfway House exile.

Tracey, David, Kara-Louise and Shanessa have all been restless since getting the boot from the main house.

“I hate being back in here. It ‘ s boring. I don ‘ t think I ‘ ll be staying,” said male-witch David, obviously not confident that his magical powers will help him stay on the show.

However, life in the main house is far from stress-free, with Brian, Amy, Jonty, Liam and Ziggy concerned after being told by the show’s producers that they will have to choose who will replace the exiled four and therefore be up for eviction.

“I think they are going to be mad at me,” said Amy.

“After all, we have now put them up for eviction.”

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