Liam and Amy’s on-off romance may be on again

August 10, 2007 by  
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Liam has changed his mind yet again about his relationship with fellow Big Brother housemate Amy.First it was on, then it was off and now, three days after he called an end to his romance with the glamour model, he does want to be with her after all, for the time-being anyhow.Liam ditched Amy at the weekend, telling her that their in-house relationship was little more than “a bit of fun”, though he has been sending out mixed signals ever since.Most recently, the bookmaker’s favourite for the title, has spent much of his time giggling and flirting with her on her bed.Not surprisingly, Amy seems just as confused over her feelings for the cheeky chappy.“We actually get on better now we’re still flirting – he’s kind of cuddly and touchy-feely more than he was before.”However, she did confide in half-way housemate Kara Louise that she would be interesting in seeing how they got on together away from the confines of the reality show.

“I suppose realistically, after this, we’re more likely to have a relationship with each other more than anyone else – who am I going to trust,” she said.

However, she may have to wait some time, given that he is expected to stay in the house until the bitter end while she could looks a likely candidate for a much earlier eviction.  

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