The Stepford Wives

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 The Stepford WivesThe Stepford Wives is a remake of the original film released in 1975 and it would be fair to say that it has more comedy than the original (which was more of a horror film). The remake was released in 2004 and stars Nicole Kidman and Matthew Broderick in the lead roles, as well as Glenn Close, Christopher Walken and Bette Midler. 

Joanna Eberhart (Nicole Kidman) is a high powered manager of a television network . During an arrogant presentation (reminding me of Tom Cruise’s portrayal of  Frank T. J. Mackey in Magnolia), she is confronted by a guy whose wife rejected him on a programme called “I can do better”. He fires a gun at her andthankfully misses, but Joanna is sacked from her job.

Joanna goes on to have a nervous breakdown and her husband Walter Kresby  (Matthew Broderick), who also works for the network, suggests that they take a break from Manhatten to move to Stepford in Connecticut. They arrive with their two children to their new house – a spacious mansion and are greeted by Claire Wellington  – perfectly presented in 1950s style fashions, hairdo and makeup.

She gives Joanna a mini tour of Stepford and takes her to the Day Spa where the wives perform their exercises fully clothed, as though they are starring in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Claire explains that the men spend their time at Stepford Men’s Club.

Joanna makes friends with Bobbie (Better Miller), a successful writer and Roger (Roger Bannister of ‘Desperate Housewives’) and they query why all of the women look so glamourous, never argue with their husbands, enjoy knitting and act as domestic goddesses. They attend a Square Dances and one of the wives dances out of control and collapses on the floor. The residents of Stepford close ranks and Joanna is horrified that no-one has called an ambulance. She becomes concerned that the wife – Sarah , has sparks flying out of her. Later the trio visit Sarah’s house and discover all is not as it seems (the Stepford Wife) is a robot.

The story continues with both Roger and Bobbie changed into being perfect Stepford citizens. Joanna, after pretending to be converted ,(Stepford wives normally have a series of microchips inserted into their brains and instructions sent to the) discovers the truth: Claire’s husband Mike (Christopher Walken) is in fact a Stepford husband and Claire was the brains behind creating the perfect community. The Stepford Wives was an enjoyable film but it did not have the same impact as the original

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