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Adrian Chiles and Myleene KlassThe One Show is a daily evening programme that looks at issues that are concerning people. It has an unusual pairing of seasoned presenter and journalist, Adrian Chiles, with a heavily pregnant Myleene Klass (singer and pianist), but it is a pairing that seems to work. 

The first story was concerning the fact that Health and Safety laws mean that we are becoming more protective e.g. children are not allowed to throw snowballs for fear of hurting themselves and safety glasses should be used when playing conkers (a game played using horse chestnuts). The story concentrated on a lady who contracted Polio in her twenties, but found some pleasure and relief from gardening. She liked to tend the flower beds in the central island in the road in her village. However, she was advised by her local council that she would need to place road signs around the island (something difficult for a disabled woman to do) or have someone help her. There was then a discussion regarding whether Health and Safety laws were trying to “molly coddle” people and removed all risks (and fun).

Tony Blackburn also appeared on the programme as one of the DJs on pirate radio in the 1960s . In 1964 he started working aboard a ship in the North Sea and broadcasting Radio Caroline and then later Radio London (on an old war ship). It is 40 years to the day since Radio Caroline stopped broadcasting and Tony Blackburn went on to become a DJ on Radio 1.

 The One Show also had some other interesting features:

  •  On police cars being decommissioned and sold at auction. They have high mileage, but have a good service history and can be bought at a reasonable price (with proceeds going to the Police Force).
  • The Beach Doctors – 4 GPs having their doctor’s surgeries in such places as Brighton and Blackpool.
  • A manufacturer selling protective t-shirts, jackets and hoodies (these are slash proof).
  • A cloud spotter highlighting the different types of clouds.

The One Show is an interesting programme for those who want a more entertaining version of the news.

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