Ten Years Younger: Summer Special

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Ruth  - before and afterTen Years Younger does exactly what it says on the tin – makes some one look at least 10 years younger than they actually appear. 

In this week’s programme, we meet Ruth. She is a 34 year old mother but was judged by 100 people on a beach to be aged 49 – a major blow to her confidence. Ruth is dressed in a bikini and is a size 10. However, 2 years ago she weighed around 20 stone and had weigh loss surgery (losing at least 9 stone). This has left her with a large amount and loose skin and flesh around her stomach and back, which flopped over her bikini. Her breasts had also lost their shape and were droopy and she had very painful looking varicose veins in her legs. Thus it was easy to see why people rated her a good 15 years above her actual age. 

The team set about their work. First off was surgery to remove the loose flesh and give her boobs an uplift. Although the operation meant that Ruth was unable to move or go about her daily work, she was left with a rather envious “washboard stomach”. Ruth also had her varicose veins removed and this meant that she no longer had to wear items to cover her legs. 

The presenter examined Ruth’s wardrobe which mainly consisted of “comfy hoodies and cargo pants” or gypsy skirts that covered her legs. All that was salvaged was one pair of black leggings. Ruth was shown how to pep up her wardrobe to suit her new figure – with figure hugging outfits, cute dressed and leggings and brighter colours than she was used to. 

Next off was a trip to the dentist. Ruth had a large gap between her two front teeth and this was widening as she got older. The dentist applied gaps to her teeth so that she had a sparkling smile. She was then treated to a new hairdo and colour. A shorter cut meant that her blue eyes were accentuated and showed off her jaw line and face-shape.

Fully made up and in a new swimsuit, Ruth went onto the beach were her family and friends were amazed with her outcome. Another 100 people were asked to guess her age and the average came out as 33! If only we all had the money to look 10 years younger!

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