‘Bring back Louis’ X-factor scenes faked

August 17, 2007 by  
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Straight after X Factor’s Simon Cowell revealed that he swallowed his pride and invited Louis Walsh back onto the panel of judges, the show’s producers have revealed that the crucial scenes leading up to this were faked.

With several leading programmes having got into trouble recently as a result of misleading their viewers, the talent show’s producers decided to confess that the scene where Simon and Sharon Osbourne talk about how much they miss the Irishman was mocked up for the cameras.

Paul Jackson, the head of entertainment at ITV, said: “There are some moments where we do not have cameras and may need to go back to capture that moment. But that does not mean we are misleading viewers.

“We are still at the rough-cut stage and may not even include this scene.”

The fourth series of the show will boast a judging panel of four, after Brian Friedman gave way to Louis Walsh, while  ‘singer’  Dannii Minogue will remain alongside Sharon.  

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  1. Jameese says:

    That is very cheeky ITV you are a very bad network you need to gain the trust of your viewers again after the call in problems, Silly billys