Cowell to make Pop Idol movie

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Talent-show guru Simon Cowell has revealed that he plans to make a movie of his American Idol show.

Appropriately enough the lead roles for the film will be cast by Cowell through a series of open auditions to be held across the US.

While a script has yet to be finalised, TV’s Mr Mean has said that it will be “very, very realistic” and be about more than just singing and dancing.

“It is called Starstruck. We’re writing the script as we talk,” he told the US news show Extra.

“It is aboutĀ  tenĀ  contestants who enter a gigantic singing contest. It’s like Rocky. It’s about good versus evil, and it will be very, very realistic.

“So if you get through the auditions, and you get a part in this movie, it’s a huge, huge deal.”

Right now, Cowell is enjoying record success with the new series of the X Factor in the UK.

Around 10.7 million people tuned in for the first show, almost 50 per cent of the national viewing audience for a Saturday night and 500,000 viewers higher than its previous best in 2006 , despite charges that certain scenes surrounding the return of judge Louis Walsh were faked.

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  1. Jameese says:

    How can u make a film about a reality TV show that is the craziest thing ive ever heard Mr Money Hungry Cow Head