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SharkTo many of us the shark is a creature that you would avoid at all costs, but to photographers Rob Torelli and Mark Priest they are objects of curiosity which have been involved in much of their professional lives.  “Shark Quest” sees the two of them take us on a magical tour of the world’s oceans, revealing the secret techniques they use to bring you those unbelievable open mouthed shark shots, or a pack of them moving in on their prey.

While the shark has always been a creature to be feared, they came into the main stream with films like Jaws, with great white sharks venturing in land, instilling terror into the thousands of holiday makers on the US coast.  That fascination with sharks has continued for decades after the original Jaws film, and we often see reports in the press with regard to shark sightings off the UK coast line – something thought impossible 20 years ago.

Even though the likes of the great white shark receive much of the headlines, there are a great variety of sharks which come in all shapes and sizes, and very often of no threat to humans.  They tend to live in the warmer waters, which is why sightings along the UK coastline have been few and far between.  Unfortunately like so many of natures beautiful creatures, the shark has become a focal point for many hunters, with shark’s teeth seen as prized possessions by many.

This weird and wonderful glimpse into the beautiful world of the deep offers an insight into how those pictures we often take for granted are actually achieved.  While programs such as “Shark Quest” are very educational, they also bring the plight of the species to the public eye, and hopefully assist in prolonging the existence of these often misunderstood creatures.

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  1. Jameese says:

    Sound, i like sharks, they are my favourite animal! If u ever see a shark poke its eyes with a stick