BB’s Sam fed up of the teasing

August 23, 2007 by  
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Sam, one half of Big Brother’s ditzy twins, has had enough of her fellow housemates teasing her about her relationship with Liam.

The 19-year-old and the tree surgeon have been almost constantly flirting with each other for some time now, leading both viewers and contestants to believe that something a little more has been going on.

Most recently, she hid sobbing in the diary room after Carole had been making a series of jokes about the pair, claiming that she was worried about what her boyfriend would be thinking as he watched them on the TV.

“If I even fancied Liam do you think I’d even talk about Rich, do you think I’d say that I have a boyfriend or even come in here with a boyfriend,” she said to her twin Amanda.

While the girly chat cooled her down a bit, it looks likely that she will remain touchy about the subject of her and Liam for the rest her time in the house.

“If Carole says anything about it one more time I’m gonna go mad, really mad, I’m gonna scream,” she said.

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