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Still GameWhile Still Game originally started on BBC Scotland, it attracted such a following north of the border that it was moved to prime time BBC, for coverage around the UK.  This hilarious program centres around the delights of Glasgow and takes in a whole mix of the local community, who get involved in some crazy capers.  They laugh, they cry, they argue and then they all have a drink together – always sniping and trying to wind each other up.

The show itself really centres around Jack and Victor, a couple of pensioners who live together and are never far from each others side.  They know how to wind each other up, but they also know how to set mischievous tongues wagging like Isa over the road – your traditional nosy neighbour.  The show has been a remarkable success when you consider that is has been going since 2002, and has only really had 6 main characters, and cast members. 

In tonights show Tam and Frances enjoy their new arrival, and are invited to a number of chat show, including Lorraine Kelly, as the whole country seems to be interested in the fact that they are the oldest new parents in the UK.  Sponsorships, TV and magazine deals all flow and put pressure on Jack and Victor who are feeling a little left out, and left holding the bay.

While the sly old pensioners have a trick or two up their sleeves to bring Tam and Frances back down to earth with a dump, it does not all go to plan and Jack has an accident.  There are a few tear jerking scenes, but will it all come right in the end? 

Due to the strong local accents in the show, the BBC have added sub-titles to some episodes, in order that viewers can fully understand and enjoy the show.  While some not familiar with the local Glasgow accents may find it a little difficult to begin with, it is well worth persevering as the show has some hilarious storylines.

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