Dickinson’s Real Deal

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Dickinson's Real DealDickinson’s Real Deal is an interesting twist on the old antiques program theme which sees David “The Duke” Dickinson introduce a number of his industry friends to many unsuspecting members of the public.  What is the idea behind the program?

Simple, the members of the public bring in their antiques and offer them up for sale either at auction of to a dealer – the choice is theirs.  Sitting down at a table, one to one with a dealer, they go through their items giving as much history and background as they can.  The professional dealers then attempt to negotiate a bargain for themselves,  offering what they see as a “fair” deal for the objects.

While the majority of the items which pass through the showrooms, on the way to possible auction, are nothing spectacular, they do actually see some hidden gems passing their way – but who knows best, the owner or the dealer? Will the dealer offer a price acceptable to the owner, or will they decide to go to auction?

The show has many interesting encounters with members of the public looking to negotiate the best deal with a professional dealer – as easy as getting blood out of a stone! Surprisingly it s not always the dealers who win, with many members of the public rejecting what have in the past been handsome offers, instead deciding to go to auction.  There have been many success, although probably a lot more failures!

“The Duke” is the perfect presenter for this show, coming cross as the publics friend, often stepping in to push a bid higher where he thinks that the dealer may be trying to “pull a fast one”. Dickinson’s profile went sky high after he appeared on Celebrity Jungle,  and the public seem to have taken to this loveable old rogue.

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