Housemates braced for double eviction

August 24, 2007 by  
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One in three aren’t very good odds for Jonty, Kara-Louise or Tracey.

The housemates are were all nominated for this week’s special double eviction by the fellow Big Brother housemates and, for once, there are no clear favourites for the axe.

Raver-cum-cleaner Tracey will be looking to survive her fifth eviction night, while the other two have become increasingly unpopular with both their fellow contestants and viewers alike over the past few weeks.

To take the housemates’ minds off the imminent cull, the show’s producers asked them to take part in a “Rate Your Housemate” task yesterday.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Zara-Louise was nominated as the ‘Worst Hoisemate’ by everybody else and as the Nastiest Housemate by everyone but Ziggy, while Carole was seen by the former boy-band star as the ‘Most Spineless Housemate’.

This latest eviction comes as Channel 4 announced that it will not be screening another series of Celebrity Big Brother next year, bringing to an end rumors that Paris Hilton being lined up to star in the show.

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