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Cast of SkinsSkins is a programme about a group of teenagers from Bristol and their angst about school, relationships, family, drugs and sex. Tonight’s episode was the second of the series on Channel 4 and was mainly about Cassie and her life – an unloved anorexic who is a bit strange and has an ethereal quality about her. Last week, the programme was about Sid (who Cassie likes) and the series focuses on a different member of the group per episode.

The programme commenced with ethereal Cassie waking up in her friend Michelle’s house after a party. She was sharing the settee with Chris but awoke to see noodles and dark stuff on the walls and what looked like vomit. The party had resulted in a food fight and this was much in evidence in the house. On her way out, Cassie saw the marked calendar in the kitchen which said that Michelle’s mum was due back from her honeymoon. Cassie warned a half-asleep Michelle, who was in bed with boyfriend Tony and his best mate, Sid, lying on the floor.

As Cassie left the house, Michelle’s mum and new husband turned up and shortly after screams were heard, half-naked teenagers flew out of the house and the police were called.   Cassie returned home (after receiving a sticky note and later text messages that said “Eat!”) to parents enjoying each other in the kitchen. Her father was an artist who liked to paint her mother naked and had little time for Cassie or their young baby.

Cassie made her last visit to the clinic where she was told that she did not need to return (as she had made her target weight – albeit by sneaking in some weights into her skirt). At her final group therapy session, she came across an appropriately named character, “Madison  (or Mad) Twatter”, who had Sid’s student card (Sid had bought dope from him last week and Madison wanted payback). Mad later turned up at Cassie’s school as a supply teacher in pursuit of Sid.

The episode went on to explore Cassie’s battle with food and she came to realise that the person telling her to eat, was in fact herself.

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