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Big Brother 8 finalistsIt’s hard to believe that Big Brother 8 and the Summer is over. It started 13 ½ weeks ago where we were introduced to an all female household and ended with a modest guy called Brian winning the event! This year’s intake were extremely watchable and likeable. During the weeks we have seen:

  • Charley arguing with everyone in the house (bar the twins). It was difficult to take her seriously as she had one big argument with Brian and said he looked ridiculous, as she herself was in a clown’s outfit!
  • Carole’s obsessive cleaning, taking care of the housemates, but having some fun at the same time especially with “her boys” – Ziggy and Liam.
  • Tracey’s catchphrases – “Deal with it”, “Sketchy”, “Ave it”, “Phat”.
  • Amanda and Sam proving they were not dumb blondes, as they befriended everyone, but had much fun bouncing on settees and being thrown around by Liam, Brian and Ziggy.
  • Liam winning £100,000 after only being in the house a short time. He remained dignified as he never discussed the win to anyone. Who can forget his line “With my wings of steel…”, as he chatted up Amy?
  • The start and end of the romance that was Chiggy, ending with the classic line “It’s not you, it’s me” from Ziggy to Chanelle.
  • The first gay kiss from Seany and Gerry
  • A fake eviction and re-entry into the house (Charley). A fake housemate (Pauline) and her fake psychic readings (“you have the spirit of a cookaburra”).
  • Five halfway housemates enter and much disruption as housemates and half-way housemates moved between the two houses. Amy’s betrayal of her housemates.
  • Three romances – Chanelle and Ziggy, Liam and Amy, Brian and Amanda – will any of these take-off outside of the house?
  • Jonty’s stint as Big Brother for an afternoon asking Ziggy to change his name to Plastic Grass.

The Big Brother Live Final focused on the last 6 (or 7) housemates and managed to squeeze in interviews with them all in front of a live outdoor audience. Liam and Ziggy were particularly concerned that there would be booed, but none of that happened. Davina McCall controlled the evening well and managed to ask the former housemates all of those questions that we wanted to ask. The finalists were as follows:

6th place – Jonty
5th place – Carole
4th place – Ziggy
3rd place – Liam
2nd place – Amanda and Sam

with Brian crowned as the worthy winner. Roll on Big Brother 9!

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  1. shaz says:

    cnt bellev its ovaaa cum on brian buh i wanted ziggy 2 win. o well hu cars,stil happy 4 u bri nd ur ryt roll on big brother 9

  2. i am really emotional writting this i am really missing the twinnes so much i would love you to bring back this years big brother for another 4 months until xmas please bring back the twinnies tracey liam amy chantelle ziggy carole jonty and some of the others i love to watch the twinnes on telly again for another 4 months until xmas it will made my day