The IT Crowd

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IT CrowdWritten and directed by Graham Linehan of Father Ted, Brass Eye and Black Books fame, The IT Crowd is set in the basement of Reynholm Industries and based around a small IT department consisting of three disparate characters: Jen, Roy and Moss. Roy and Moss are typical IT geeks and have the reluctant Jen foisted upon them as a new manager by big boss Denholm Reynholm, played by Chris Morris. Jen, played by Katherine Parkinson, is not an IT person but gets the job by bluffing. Roy and Moss spot her lack of ability straight away but fail to turn her in, as Reynholm likes teamwork. Denholm Reynholm commits suicide by jumping out of a window in the middle of a meeting when the police turn up about discrepancies in the pension fund. His lecherous son, Douglas, played by Matt Berry, replaces him as the boss.

Roy, played by Chris O’Dowd, is lazy and obnoxious. He will do anything to avoid work but appears to be generally competent. He lacks social skills and is constantly having trouble getting a woman.

Moss, played by Richard Ayoade, is an insular geek with talents for many strange things but finds communication extremely difficult. He cannot understand normal things but can comprehend the most difficult technical situation.

This week’s episode has Douglas trying to recruit Jen as his PA, with an eye on extra-curricular activity, as he has a tincture to try on her. Jen explains to Moss who completely misinterprets the situation before Roy and he realise that Jen is leaving the department.

When she does leave they get out the list of “Things they can’t do when Jen is there”. After four hours they have gone completely through the list and get bored. Meanwhile, Douglas has tried it on several times with Jen and she has tired, he tries to convince her otherwise and makes a cup of tea, with the tincture in it. He then shows her a computer presentation that has an unexpected “glitch”, which is a not very subliminal cut of a naked Douglas.

Jen calls up Moss and Roy, who rush up to the office wearing their boxer shorts (banned under Jen), as they are so bored they are even willing to do some work. As they arrive Roy asks if he has turned the laptop off and on and Moss notices the smell of Rohypnol in Jen’s tea and asks her why she is taking it. Moss can even break it down into its component parts and confirms that it is an unacceptable drug. Jen forces Douglas to drink it, who becomes decidedly randy. Jen escapes and locks her colleagues in with Douglas who has become less fussy on the Rohypnol.

The IT Crowd
has its moments and is packed with IT in jokes but keeps it open enough to be enjoyed by the less geeky audience. The characters are well defined; the storylines are fair and the humour sharp. It has the potential to go on well after the end of the current, second, series.

McKeith to host new Channel 4 fat show

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Television’s most famous dietician Gillian McKeith is to host a new Channel 4 show aimed at making fat people lose weight.

The surly Scot will present Supersize Versus Superskinny, the latest offering from Endemol, the production firm behind Big Brother and a number of other reality shows.

In the show, obese people will swap diets with thin people with the results filmed, according to the Daily Mirror.

However, the idea has already led to some medical professionals expressing their concerns.

Dr Ian Campbell, the medical advisor at Weight Concern, said: “For the sake of entertaining people, this will replace one person’s bad diet with another’s bad diet.”

Notably, for the show Gillian will go without her ‘Doctor’ title after the Advertising Standards Authority recently ruled that she does not hold such a qualification while she has also come under criticism from a number of health professionals.

The Secret Diary of a Call Girl

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Billie Piper in The Secret Diary of a Call GirlThe Secret Diary of a Call Girl is based upon the blog and book written by Belle de Jour, a high class call girl. Billie Piper, in a complete departure from her role as Rose in Dr. Who, plays Belle and her agent is played by Cherie Lunghi. The programme has received a lot of publicity partly because of the subject matter and partly to see how well Billie Piper would cope with the role (she had to get used to being scantily clad or naked). 

The character of Belle narrated throughout and said that she loved London and that you could identify a prostitute by her designer suit. Belle described herself as high class as she charged by the hour. She answered why she did the work, saying that she was not abused and did not have an addiction but loved sex and money and liked to be her own boss. Belle identified her own rules as: 

Rule 1 – keep private life and professional life separate.

Rule 2 – get the money off the client first.

Rule 3 – safety – check with the agency that the client is safe.

Rule 4 – hygiene for herself and the client. She wore men’s deodorant and no perfume so the client did not smell of a woman.

Rule 5 – work out what the client wants as fast as possible and give that to him.

The programme concentrated on two of Belle’s clients – one who was middle-aged and liked farms and horses, but was quite easy to please. The other, she expected to be retired and of low esteem, but he was tall, dark and handsome and young. At the first session, she was not quite what he wanted – girl next door, so for the second session she changed her image. Unfortunately, she found that she was becoming emotionally involved and stopped seeing the client. 

The Secret Diary of a Call Girl is not for the prudish, but gives an interesting insight into the mind of a prostitute.


Come Dancing results shifted to Sunday slot

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The hit BBC show Strictly Come Dancing is to move its results programme to a new Sunday night slot.

In order to allow more behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and the all-important dancing, the special show will be lengthened to 45 minutes with viewers still set to find out who will leave the contest at the end.

A spokesman for the show said that the move made sense as it met “a strong appetite for good entertaining family viewing on Sunday evenings”.

As before, this year’s contest will be hosted by veteran broadcaster Bruce Forsyth alongside former model Tess Daly.

Among the contestants set to be paired up with professional dancers are football legend John Barnes, model Kelly Brook and the actress Stephanie Beacham.

The producers have also confirmed that the viewers’ decision on the performances will be final with all proceeds from the calls to the show being donated to Children in Need.

Rogue Traders

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Rogue TradersMatt Allwright is a leather-clad pillion passenger on the back of a motor-bike navigated by his constant companion, Dan Penteado. Together they investigate Rogue Traders and each week, they take on an area of trade, where there have been complaints from viewers. This week it is Gas fitters and plumbers.

First up, they get a complaint from a nice doctor. His boiler has broken down and was quoted £600 to fix it, Plumbforcedirect took £150 deposit then left. The nice doctor got another plumber to check it who fixed in five minutes. Plumbforcedirect would not refund and got aggressive, suggesting he take them to court.

In come Matt and Dan, who set up a stooge with a leaking hot water tap in a system checked out by an expert and deemed to be in good working order. The fitter ignores the leaking tap even though it is pointed out to him. He recommends re-wiring the system and even fitting a new boiler to the tune of £3,400. He strings the work out to a second hour, costing £223.25 including VAT but still doesn’t fix the leaking tap that should take five minutes to fix and needed a new washer.

Next up is the company, Piping Hot from Buckinghamshire. Set up in the reality TV hot bed of High Wycombe, a dodgy spark electrode is fitted to a boiler and it should be spotted and fixed by a Corgi registered fitter within an hour and cost no more than £150. The fitter was Andy who was not Corgi registered and so should not be fixing boilers without supervision. He spends three hours getting nowhere before he calls another fitter who is registered. The new guy spots the problem in thirteen minutes and recommends a course of action – fitting a new spark electrode (whatever that is). Andy suggests charge of three hours at £75 he quotes £400 plus VAT for the whole job but will return later in the week to finish up.

Meanwhile Dan gets sent to the Gas Academy to see how easy it is to get things wrong. As Dan is not qualified to do anything with gas, he fails to spot that a gas ring is not getting enough oxygen and attempts to turn on a light during a gas leak, both are potentially lethal.

Matt and Dan ambush Andy from Piping Hot on his return. Embarrassed Andy gets out of the house quickly and drives away. Sadly, he has passed his exams but has not yet received his registration; he doesn’t seem a bad guy. Piping Hot accepted responsibility but claimed charges were in accordance with pricing policy. As only one person at Piping Hot is Corgi registered it seems a hollow argument.

Back to Plumbforcedirect and Matt goes under-cover as an East European plumber to test if it is the policy of the company to stretch out time or if the plumber was acting on his own. The owner interviewed Matt with dodgy make-up and even dodgier accent and told him how to make a job last at least two hours even if it was simple. Camera crew arrives and the owner hides in his house.

Rogue Traders is interspersed with comedy between Matt and Dan, this week including clips from “Some Mother do ‘Ave ‘Em”, a strange link to Eurovision and a comparison between having a Corgi T-Shirt and a Ramones’ T-Shirt. The banter between Matt and his less verbose driver keeps the whole thing ticking along nicely, making it easy to watch as well as informative.

Things learned: Always check for Corgi registration and watch out for stretchy times on jobs.

Hollyoaks Roundup September 26, 2007

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The students decide to throw a party to celebrate Kris returning and John Paul moving in, but when the boiler stops working, Jessica gets Danny to fix it on the cheap. Needless to say, this is not a good move.

Mercedes sees Russ arrive with new girl Summer, and Katy is gutted when Justin turns up. He storms out, unaware that he may never see her alive again.

Luckily, Justin returns to find all the students unconscious. He drags them out one by one and rings for an ambulance. As the door of one of the bedrooms is broken down, Mercedes is stunned to see Carmel and Russ unconscious in each other’s arms. 

When Katy wakes up to her gallant rescuer, Justin, she tells him that she wants to get back together, but soon seems to lose interest again. Will a grand gesture rekindle her love?

Jessica, meanwhile, is in a panic and tells Danny to keep quiet about the boiler, but Myra finds out that the carbon monoxide leak was their fault.

Faint heart ne’er won fair maid, and OB tells Max that if he wants to be with Steph he has to make a move and tell her. Max makes his move and, despite their differences, the couple start dating – much to the annoyance of Tom, who finds it hard watching Steph dating his big brother. But will the chalk-and-cheese pairing last?

Rhys has no such worries. After a great date, he takes Beth back to his parents’ house, where she tells him that she doesn’t see the point in taking things slowly!

Later, however, it looks like she may not be so keen, as she doesn’t call him.
It’s Jacqui’s birthday, but all she can think about is the impending visit from the adoption officer, and Tony worries that her chequered past may come back to haunt her.

Coronation Street Roundup – September 26, 2007

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Showing her usual lack of control, Cilla is convinced that she’s about to inherit a fortune from Frank and wastes no time in rubbing everyone’s noses in it. But is she just setting herself up for a fall? It certainly seems so, when she turns up for the reading of the will and receives just £500 – along with a long line of other women.

Devastated, she returns home and decides to flog some possessions to make ends meet, and where better to start than the necklace Frank gave her…?

Sarah writes some wedding invitations, but David slyly addresses one to Todd. Is this part of his plan to ruin the nuptials?

Meanwhile, Jerry’s plans with Eileen continually seem to clash with Jodie and Lloyd’s budding romance. Will the young lovers ever get a chance to be together, or will Jodie spend the rest of her life as her dad’s unpaid nanny?

Feeling guilty after Violet’s scare, Sean vows to give up the partying and be a ‘born-again dad’ and Violet and the baby come first. But does Violet want Sean to be a dad to her baby?

At the Italian, Leanne’s good mood after a great review of the restaurant in a local magazine is dampened by a leaky loo and Roger’s heavy hints that she should start to repay her debt to him. 

And speaking of debts, Paul almost runs into two heavies – Gary and Stuart – at the restaurant. Stuart explains to Leanne that Paul used to work for him and on top of other indiscretions, he stole £500 from the till that he wants back.

If Leanne is still unaware of Paul’s shady side, Molly and Tyrone are all too aware, as Paul persuades Jack and Vera to take a break to Blackpool. Although keen to get a flat with Tyrone, Molly decides they must stay put to keep an eye on Paul.

But when Gary and Stuart force Leanne to tell them where they can find Paul, will Tyrone come to his aid?

Emmerdale Roundup September 26, 2007

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With a cunning combination of conciliation, alcohol and sex, Eli manages to succeed in swiping Debbie’s mobile and laptop containing, he hopes, all the evidence of his illicit kiss with Kelly. Will this be the end of Debbie’s devious blackmailing?

Kelly can at least now enjoy her hen night at the Woolpack – until she finds out that Viv has hired strippers after all, in the motley shape of Bob, Jamie and Marlon. Will the Emmerdale Chippendales do the full monty?

Kelly makes the mistake of leaving Debbies phone switched on in her bag, and while she prepares for her wedding it rings and Scarlett answers… Will Kelly’s secret be revealed after all?

Groom-to-be Jimmy won’t be wearing white either, though, after his kiss with Carrie. And when she comes into possession of an important letter it seems she could hold the key to Jimmy and Kelly’s future happiness. Will she do the right thing?

Through all this it seems Debbie will be left alone and friendless in the village, until Lisa invites her to lunch at the Dingles where she’ll be looking after Sarah. Could Debbie at last be about to discover her inner-parent?

Elsewhere it seems Diane’s lies could catch up with her when Jack spots her talking to John the drayman, only to be told that he is gay. Later, Billy turns up and Victoria overhears him and Diane discussing their relationship.

And there’s a new face in town as Paddy’s policeman cousin Ross arrives, and it seems the amorous pc is keen to ttake down the particulars of all the young ladies in the village. Will he cop off during his visit?

Neighbours Roundup

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Oliver’s surprised at the intensity of his own fury when Rebecca walks out on him, but his determination to put her behind him is undermined when Rebecca issues an ultimatum: they can get to know each other but only on her terms.

Oliver agrees to meet his mother in secret, but Elle is suspicious and resentful of Rebecca’s behaviour, and makes her feelings crystal clear when Rebecca ducks out of a lunch date.

Ned and Mickey are delighted Janae is staying in Erinsborough, but Mickey’s worried about going to school and is afraid of being bullied. Ironically, when Ned finally puts his foot down, Mickey is sent home early on his first day, accused of bullying.

Steph launches her political campaign with a rousing speech written by Toadie, but his hollow words don’t ring true for her, so she ditches the script and speaks from the heart – but will this risky move win her votes, or a lawsuit?

Toadie, meanwhile, follows through on his threat to run against Steph. Playing him at his own game, Steph hijacks Toadie’s interview with the local paper, but they both discover that fiery debate arouses more than just political passions.

Sky clears the air with Caleb when he invites her to a design expo in Sydney. They may be kindred spirits, but she can’t promise him romance. With that off her chest, the duo head off happily as ‘just good friends’.

Susan and Rachel are relieved when they receive home help for Tom in the form of nurse Ian, but Zeke’s suspicions that Ian can’t be trusted seem to be reinforced when Tom complains about his new nurse. Are his fears justified, or is Tom’s violent dementia getting the better of him? Zeke is determined to find out and plays private detective.

Adam and Pepper plan a DVD night but he opts to offer Harold’s latest film, unaware of the video-nasty mix-up.
Carmella begins to enjoy Ringo’s infatuation but when Susan reminds her of the age gap, she again gets firm with him, but Ringo simply declares he’s prepared to wait for Carmella no matter how long it takes.

Their budding romance is almost uncovered, however, when Rosie catches Ringo hiding under Carmella’s bed, and the lovebirds have to cool their relationship – for now, at least.

Rosie has romantic problems of her own, however, as she learns the only way she can have her perfect wedding is by getting married next week. With her dream day on a deadline, she goes into bridezilla mode. Frazer does his best to cope, while at the same time exercising his legs in the hope of giving Rosie a stand-up surprise at the altar.

The night before the wedding, best man Oliver suggests a combined hens and bucks party at his hotel. But what sets out to be a civilised affair soon degenerates and, in the middle of the night, Carmella and Ringo finally find a chance for illicit passion.

Eastenders Roundup

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Following the footsteps of the recently deceased Mike Reid (aka Frank Butcher) Bobby Davro becomes the latest comedian to join the EastEnders ranks, making his first appearance as Vince. His debut almost ends in disaster, however, as he nearly knocks Shirley over on her way to court.

After this initial hiccup, however, Vince does his best to schmooze Shirley by working her shift for her at the Vic.
It’s the day of Chelsea and Deano’s court case and their futures hang in the balance. Things are tense at the Wicks/Fox household – not helped when Deano goes missing. Chelsea is furious, fearing he has run out on her and that it could jeopardise the outcome of her trial.

Meanwhile, the Wicks have the dinner party from hell when Kevin asks the Masoods over, and Jane panics when she wakes up during the night and discovers Lucy has gone.

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