Hell’s Kitchen boss admits women are better at cooking than men

September 3, 2007 by  
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Women are naturally better chefs than men, Hell’s Kitchen’s head chef Marco Pierre White has said.

The fiery Frenchman’s comments come as the new series of the reality show kicks off on ITV1, though he still spilt his ten charges into male and female teams in his first move since taking over from Gordon Ramsey.

“Women in my opinion are better cooks than men in the sense that they have a better palette, because their sense of smell is more acute,” Marco explained.

“They don’t take short cuts like men. They’re not as fast as men on the whole so they tend to be more precise in what they do.

“The reason why they tend not to rise to the top like chefs in that 3-star world is because they’re bullied.”

Among the celebrities putting themselves in the firing line of White’s famous temper are comedian Jim Davidson, TV presenter and one-timeĀ  Big Brother star Brian Dowling, actress Kelly LeBrock and former Blue singer Lee Ryan, already expected to be one of the show’s troublemakers.

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