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Kath and KimKath and Kim is a sitcom , set in suburban Australia and is about the lives of a mother Kath Day-Knight and her daughter Kim Craig. Kath certainly does not act her age, is body conscious, her own fashion style and recently married to “Hunk of Spunk” Kel.  Kim is her lazy, inappropriately dressed daughter, who still gets her mother, her best mate Sharon, or her on/off husband Brett, to do everything for her.

This is the start of the fourth series of the award winning comedy and Kim and Brett have a baby, Epponnee-Raelene Kathleen Charlene Darlene Craig and are experiencing marital problems – yet again. Kath’s first husband Gary Poole has just turned up to reveal that he and Kath are still married (he is denying signing any divorce payments) and that Kath is a bigamist. Kath is concerned that she will be heading to jail and starts to prepare herself my getting out her stripey and arrows jumpers and is thinking of watching past episodes of Prisoner Cell Block H.

Gary is a shadey sort who can not even remember his daughter’s name and is basically after his half of the house. He also has a certain Michael Corleone following him.

Kath and Kel find out that they were not legally married (Kel has been jinexed at weddings), as Gary signs the divorce papers. Gary then goes off to live with Kim, arranges for a second mortgage on her house and runs off with $Aus 200,000.
Kim says  “he’s an entrprennnnnure” to which Kath replies, “he’s full of manuuuuure”. So homeless once again, Kim, Brett and baby move into Kath’s home (where she notices there are no marital noises through the paper-thin walls)

Kath and Kim works well as it explores the relationships between the family members and relies on their poor dress-sense and play on words. Can the fourth series live up to expectations?

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