Holly and Fearn Go Dating

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Holly and FearnThey certainly need no help themselves but “Holly and Fearn Go Dating” presenters, Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton attempt to find dates for lonely singletons.

They drive to the South West to meet Charlotte Howard who has not had a relationship last for more than 6 months; runs her own gardening business and does not get much opportunity to me people. Charlotte collects and wears clothes from the 1950s, was a former boxing MC and still lives with her mum and dad.

Holly and Fearne went to meet her at her home, and the reason for Charlotte being single quickly became clear. Her mother Judith, answered the door and attended the chat that Holly and Fearn had. Charlotte is an only child and very close to her parents (especially her mum) and anyone she dated would need to get use to the close relationship that she has with her mother. She explained that she was looking for someone bohemian with a creative streak and understands nature and the countyside.

Holly took Fearne into an Arts and music evening in Bristol where they met two potential candidates:

  • Boris – a quirky musician with a love of the 1950s style
  • Former footman Simon, who has served the queen and likes horseriding.

The girls then went to an open air festival to find men with a love of the outdoors and came across:

  • Ben – director of an independent record company
  • Jules – jazz pianist and tractor lover

Charlotte went to Hell’s Kitchen for her date where Fearne and Holly chose for her to meet Ben (Fearne’s choice) and Simon (Holly’s choice). Her mini-date with Ben was quite competitive and there was no apparent spark. Charlotte then met Simon who was clearly nervous but she put him at his ease and she chose him to spend the rest of the date with.

The programme looked promising but ended rather abruptly, as there was an expectation that she might meet the other candidates or that there be some feedback on how the date went. The programme continues tomorrow with another singleton.

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