Coronation Street Roundup – September 6, 2007

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Hayley is busy preparing for Christian’s visit, but Roy is furious with Hayley’s dishonesty and interrupts their reunion, prompting Christian to leave. Will Hayley come clean or will she have to choose between her husband and her son?Tyrone overhears Paul talking to the loan company and referring to himself as Mr Duckworth. Determined to catch Paul out Tyrone sets a trap for him, but it backfires. Will Tyrone be convinced by Paul’s innocent explanation or will he continue to play detective? He may have an unexpected ally when Leanne overhears Paul telling the bank to send all future correspondence to the restaurant rather than his home address.Darryl agrees to stash some ecstasy tablets in the garden for a mate, but David says he has a better idea. Astoundingly, he hides the pills in one of Bethany’s dolls – with the inevitably tragic consequences when the doll breaks open.With little Bethany’s life on the line, Gail throws David out after he is warned by police that he could face manslaughter charges if the tot dies.Sean has his ‘best birthday ever’ thanks to Marcus. Could he be his Mr Right?
True love runs less smooth elsewhere, as Sally moons over John but he inadvertently double books a theatre date with Sally on Fiz’s birthday, and Liz is annoyed when Vernon books their wedding for New Year’s Eve, the busiest night of the year!

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