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Knowing Sean suspects his involvement in the attack on Patrick, dodgy Deano decides to skip town, but he doesn’t get far. Sean is on his heels and his escape attempt is scuppered – but it is Kevin who blocks his path. It seems, however, that the father aims to stand up for his son – Kevin plans to run away with Deano but he can’t bear lying to Denise. He turns to Phil for help but needs to find £2,000 to pay the solicitor.                       Walford’s whipping boy Ian is becoming increasingly paranoid about messages from ‘beyond the grave’, and his nerves only get more jangled when he receives an ominous gift – it seems someone really is out to get him, but just how many plots can one man take?He sets up surveillance to try to find out who is playing this sick prank on him and is devastated when he discovers that it could be someone close to home. Even so, when Ian reads a text message from Cindy, claiming she wants to meet him at the park, he heads straight there.Meanwhile, Phil’s relationship with Peggy and Ben returns to normal and he returns to

Albert Square

but isn’t pleased to find Ronnie and Roxy (don’t you wish the Beeb had gone the whole hog and called them Ronnie and Reggie?) so settled at the Vic.Elsewhere, Billy is trying his best with Jase, but makes a shocking discovery about his past.

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  1. zeba says:

    hi how r u ? i really luv sean slater from eastenders he’s the fitest in eastnders can u pleasea send me picture of his body