Emmerdale Roundup

September 6, 2007 by  
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Lexi confronts Debbie over the necklace and the brawl spills into the street, and the necklace slips down a drain. Realising that Lexi was involved in the theft, Carrie washes her hands of her, but during their row Carrie admits that she is Lexi’s mother. Carrie explains that she was only14 when she got pregnant and begs Lexi not to tell Scarlett. Lexi decides to leave the village, and a distraught Scarlett also disappears. Has Carrie lost not one but both her daughters? Carrie also has troubles elsewhere, feuding with Kelly over Jimmy.Elsewhere, Belle puts on a brave face following the collapse of her school fees. How far will bare-knuckle boxer Zak go to allow Belle to stay at the private school she loves?When Matthew publicly humiliates him for his treatment of Perdy, Gray storms off with Paul. As Paul later comforts him, Gray leans in and kisses him, asking him to spend the night. Are they both about to betray poor Perdy?Later, as Jonny tries to push ahead with plans for the wedding, Gray apologies to Paul for his drunken advances, but Paul is secretly hurt when Gray brushes it off as a mistake.Meanwhile, Daz and Victoria plan an anniversary surprise for Jack and Diane, but when a resentful Victoria insults Diane, Jack loses his temper and blames Victoria for the breakdown of his family.With all this, the Kings compete with Mrs De Souza for Holdgate Farm. Is the mysterious Mrs De Souza planning a move back into the village?

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