Hollyoaks Roundup

September 6, 2007 by  
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Warren celebrates his ownership of The Loft by throwing a lavish party and offers Justin the manager’s job.
Hannah struggles to come to terms to life without Melissa, but Sarah is on hand to support her friend. To blot out the memory of the past few weeks, Hannah tries a dramatic new look but passes out from lack of food and Sarah and Suzanne find where she has been stashing her meals.John Paul is elated about going to Dublin with Craig, but Craig wants to keep it quiet, and Frankie refuses to accept that her son and John Paul are together, and the pair have a bitter row about his sexuality. Can John Paul’s mum help calm the situation? Frankie is not the only one tearing her hair out, however. Sarah is distraught by the news and begs Craig to take her back, while Jake lies low to avoid seeing his brother.When Clare discovers who tried to kill her she exacts extreme revenge. She kidnaps the person closest to her assailant and sets up a deadly game of cat and mouse, bundling her hostage into her car with Max and Warren in hot pursuit. This can’t end well, and sure enough, Clare veers out of control and over the edge of a quarry into the water below…Max blames himself for bringing Clare into the village in the first place and Steph offers him a shoulder to cry on, but Max wants more.

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