Lee Ryan: ‘not down’ with da kitchen

September 6, 2007 by  
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After days of not being able to stand the heat, former Blue star Lee Ryan has finally walked out of Hell’s Kitchen.

The singer’s relationship with the show’s fiery head chef Marco Pierre White looked doomed from the start after he refused to wear the chef’s hat, insisting he will not be following “regulations”.

In addition to his vanity, the 24-year-old also insisted on protecting his fingers from sharp knives and hot ovens, fearing an injury would mean that he wouldn’t be able to play the guitar or piano, thereby denying the world such classics as ‘Army of Lovers’ and the seminal ‘Turn Your Car Around’.

However, it was being asked to kill a shellfish that brought his time on the show to a premature end.

“I am down with vegetables but I ain’t killing things,” he so eloquently elucidated, claiming it was against his “beliefs”.

It remains to be seen whether Jomo from Ultimate Kaos will be drafted in by the show’s producers as a replacement.

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